CMB Production Music

We deliver groundbreaking Production Music 
for Film Tv Media Web and Commercials.

Our music is CLEARED for worldwide use.

CMB Production Music is tailor-made for 
multiple devices, which allows you to
easily manage your business through us.

We offer a wide range of music tracks 
to enhance your productions.

We produce music across many genres, 
and license music for use in all type of media.

Our library provides a selection of high-quality 
music, in various styles, moods and inspiring colours.

Download our music instantly !

Welcome to browse our diverse catalogue of albums.

Custom Production Music

Whatever type of project you have in mind you can
pre-order custom made Production Music from us.

We generate "exclusive cutting-edge music" for
productions focused on your professional ambitions.

We are able to provide custom music service at
affordable prices because of our ability to create
full arrangements in any style, in no time.

Only Exclusive Music

Our tracks and music library is "Exclusive"
to CMB Production Music.

There will be no need for you to worry that your
tracks popping up in other independent productions.
We offer you and your company the option to license  
exclusive Production Music to a very reasonable price.

Do you have a tight budget for your production ? 
This is the place for you !

But also for companies with a large budget looking for 
qualitative library music to use in their productions.

Simply the easiest way to get first-class, good sounding 
music for your projects.

We're constantly commissioning and recording new
albums meant for your special needs and additional

Latest News

Now you're able to buy full albums to a huge discount,
over 70% of the regulare price.

With our "Perpetual License" you are free to use
the tracks within a project for as long as you want
wheter it's about film, Tv, commercials or web use.

This will be a great opportunity for your business !
beacause it will go very easy on your music budget.

Featured Genre: World Music

World Music is a musical category 
encompassing many different styles 
of music from around the world.

Including traditional, neotraditional
and music where more than one
cultural tradition intermingle. 

In recent years, world music has grown
to include hybrid subgenres such as

worldbeat, ethnic and world fusion.
  1. 1
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    [Info] Divinity 01:07
  2. 2
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    [Info] Steel Panther (mix 1) 01:50
  3. 3
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    [Info] Forensic Files 02:52
  4. 4
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    [Info] Lemon Squeeze (mix 1) 01:54
  5. 5
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    [Info] Cutting Keen 02:55
  6. 6
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    [Info] Metal Sfinx 04:17
  7. 7
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    [Info] Sad Azizah 02:39
  8. 8
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    [Info] Tribal Treat 04:25
  9. 9
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    [Info] African Sky 02:05
  10. 10
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    [Info] Asian Nomads 04:30